Meal Prep

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Healthy, nutritious and delicious meals delivered to your door every week.

Vegan, low-carb, sugar & gluten free for Veganuary!

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– Grain free porridge & berries compote pot
– Blueberry pancakes & coconut yogurt
– Cinnamon muffins & almond cream
– Scrambled tofu & wilted spinach
– Almond chia pudding

Meals that may be included

– Vegetable coconut pasanda with turmeric cauliflower rice
– Pulled jackfruit, butternut & green bean salad with roasted almonds and garlic kale
– Walnut mince chilli lettuce bowl with guac, red cabbage, pico de galo and coconut chive sour cream
– Aubergine, courgette and celery caponata with black olives& capers served with celeriac mash
– Lime braised tofu,turmeric courgette hummus, roasted veggies & rainbow salad

– Thai tempeh zoodles and saute sesame greens
– brazil nut bolognaise with courgette noodles & Almond garlic bread
– Cauliflower macadamia nut cheese with spinach and mushrooms
– Roasted tofu, red pepper & onion skewers with jewelled cauliflower cous cous
– Tempeh satay, coriander cauliflower rice & sesame greens

Light meals that may be included

(served with a low carb cracker or croutons)
– Asparagus and courgette soup
– Celeriac, garlic and macadamia soup
– Turmeric and roasted cauliflower soup
– Thai coconut soup
– Seaweed & mushroom broth
– Butternut miso soup


– Cheesy kale chips
– Almond chocolate brownies
– Low carb energy balls
– Mix barbecue nuts
– Lemon drizzle cake
– Macadamia lemon cookies

All dishes are SUGAR FREE, low carb, gluten free and grain free & VEGAN